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Kinetic Awareness in Performance & Presentation

Movement is an extremely important, but often ignored, element of public performance, whether it be public speaking, acting, dancing, skating, preaching, etc. Kinetic coaching, with an emphasis on interesting, intentional, focused, and meaningful movement, can dramatically improve your performance or presentation. With your added awareness of these details, your performance will become more cohesive, less stressful, and of a higher quality. Kinetics is an element that can “make or break” a performance. It is the element that audiences can’t quite “put their finger on” when trying to explain why a particular performance is engaging or not. It can be your secret weapon, too!

For public speakers, actors, preachers, and other public performers that use words, I will help you connect movement to your words and phrases. Working with kinetics and focus can help you pace your performance and keep your audience engaged.

For dancers, skaters, gymnasts, and other physical performers, I will help you connect your steps and movement phrases to make a cohesive work. I will also evaluate the focus and quality of your existing movement in an effort to help you reach your full potential within your movements. Quality is in the details, and I will help you become aware of those moments. Attention to detail is what makes the difference between a so-so performer and a dynamic, engaging performer. It is one of the most important differences between an amateur and a professional performer.

With the aid of a video camera, I will work with you or your group to enhance your developing or existing performance/presentation. I will work with you on a one-time or continuing basis, for one hour or for an entire day to put a KAPP on your performance!


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