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Dancing With Disabilities

Yes, people with visual impairments can learn how to waltz! People using wheelchairs can learn how to lead! All of my classes are inclusive and open to all persons. Technique is adapted on an individual basis for everyone in the class.

I will provide a safe place for you to gain confidence on the dance floor. The fear of being on a dance floor is a universal fear that will be shared with everyone in the class. Grace on the dance floor is an attitude! So let’s take the plunge together!

As in all of my classes, I encourage you to sign up with a partner (there is a discount for two, and you will be dancing with someone the entire time), although it is not required. So grab a friend to share the fun!

I have been teaching movement and dance to people with disabilities since 1995. I have taught movement and dance to adults, high school, middle school, elementary, and pre-school students with developmental and physical disabilities. Although my Ballroom, Swing, and Salsa/Latin dance classes are for high school through adult students, I will also work with students of all ages in other learning situations. Please contact me if you are interested in other dance or movement classes. (See “About Me” on my home page for further details about my expertise.)




helioma Community Resource Network

Melodie Carr is a proud friend of the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network; a comprehensive mesothelioma cancer and family resource database. Visit to learn how patients are integrating dance therapy into their mesothelioma treatment.


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